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The Popularization of Automatic Dispenser in China's Architecture Paint Industry

    Recently, as the market is asking for diversification and personality in architecture paint,  the traditional way of producing paint starts to fail to meet people's needs. Many home and abroad paint suppliers start to adopt the automatic dispensers.

    Automatic dispenser is also called instrument or computer color matching. Early in the 1980s, it is already widely used in developed countries. The most popular way nowadays is: first choose fixed color card and common pigments; get the color matching formula after lab test through statistics, regression analysis or computer test-color software; Save the color matching formula into the computer color software; Search the needed color matching formula when you use the automatic dispenser. The advantages are simplicity and reliability; while disadvantages is that all color matching formulas need change when a certain pigment is changed.

    As of its high manufacturing cost,  many Chinese paint shops are still using manual paint tinting system, which is also called semi-automatic paint tinting system. This system is composed of computer, manual paint dispenser, mixer, integrated body. It has the advantages of high precision, low failure, high tinting speed. The cost of this whole system is only 1/3 of same imported products. Therefore, it is suitable to be used in the building paint shop allover China.

    The popularization of color tinting system improves the market competitiveness. The outlet agency only needs basic pigments to get thousands of colors, providing customers with more perfect options. Since the paint supplier only needs to produce primer, there will be no stock of color paints and this will reduce lots of tied-up capitals.

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