Smart tinting age coming, greating saving the tinting cost

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At present, the labor cost of paint colorist is higher and higher,colorist is not good to recruit, high cost of cultivation.Manual tinting color is easy to be wrong, resulting in waste of color pigment and dirty environment. Pigment consumption data by manually record engaged in "muddle account".

Intelligent paint color tinting can reduce the dependence on artificial experience and increase precise filling.The automatic emulstion paint tinting dispenser machine can automatically identify the color pigment to avoid mistakes, help to save much labor cost per month;The tinting software can automatically records the tinting data, calculate the consumption of color pigments, record the color formula and help to reduce workload.

In addition, intelligent color tinting can also improve paint tinting efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, improve the level of paint store ,  farewell to dirty and messy.

Intelligent color tinting is the trend of architectural coating industry.The YJ-1A-16D automatic paint dispenser is easy to popularize, very in line with the application scene of small and medium-sized coating factories and paint shops, timely accurate toning, improve the efficiency of toning, and ultimately reduce the cost of toning.

Automatic toner is a good promotion tool for paint manufacturers, who seize the tuyere first, who can provide customers with more efficient and higher quality service, win more stable customer relations, strive for more opportunities to serve new customers


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